Job market in Germany

Job market in Germany

Working in Germany

In general there are many free jobs in Germany, as the economy has been growing steadily over recent years. On your way to the German labor market, however, there is a lot to consider, as there are a lot of laws and regulations regulating the German job market. You can find a short introduction in the following video.
Your working permit depends on your residence status

Whether and when you are able to work in Germany depends on the type of your residence permit. If you have already been recognized as an asylum seeker, you can work without restriction (also as a self-employed entrepreneur). If your asylum-process has not yet been completed ("Aufenthaltsgestattung") or a ban on deportation has been established, you need permission from the responsible authority ("Ausländerbehörde"). Permissions can be received three months after your asylum application. If you are currently required to live in a "Aufnahmeeinrichtung", you are not allowed to work yet.  
With the permission of the "Ausländerbehörde" (German Aliens Authority) you can also try to find an apprenticeship in order to increase your chances on the German labor market.

You can find additional information on the websites of the 
Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge.

Ask for advice!

In order to find out, which options are available for your individual case, it is best to directly contact the "Agentur für Arbeit" in Böblingen. They have a special team for refugees that knows exactly how to help and support you. 
More information and contact details you can find here.

Moreover, there are now a number of websites devoted to the placement and support of refugees in the search for jobs. You can find a selection in the following list:
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