In the following you will find information on kindergartens, schools, language courses and courses in and around Schönaich. In addition, there are a lot of other educational programs in Germany that you can use online. Check out Tips and Links for more information!

Kindergartens and schools

Information and contact persons for kindergartens and childcare can be found here.
You can find all important information about primary and secondary schools here.

Language courses 

Information about language courses in Schönaich and tips for further offers in and around Schönaich you can find here.

In addition to the German and integration courses in Schönaich, you can also practice and learn German on your own! Useful tips and links are available here.

Language tandems

A language tandem brings people together that are interested in learning another language while at the same time teaching their own language to someone else. Are you interested in joining? Why don't you look for a tandem partner? Just register here


You are looking for someone to help yourself or your children learning for school or courses? Why don't you search for a learning partner in our Chat. This is where a lot of refugees and citizens can exchange and discuss openly. 

Moreover there is a lot of opportunities online practice and improve your German.
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