Links and tips

Links and Tips

Education in Germany

What type of schools are there? At which age do children go to school? What does compulsory schooling: "Schulpflicht" mean? 
Here you'll find out more....

Educational offering for refugees

What language courses are there online? How can I take part in courses? Can I study?

Job market in Germany

Where and how am I allowed to work? Where can I find temporary jobs? How can I find an apprenticeship?
An overview is available here...

Medical care in Germany

What kind of doctor can I visit? What is a "Behandlungsschein"? When can I receive an electronic health card ?

Travelling in Germany

How can I travel? What does ÖPNV mean? How expensive is travelling?
Where can I find further information?

Helpful contacts

Where do I find the right contact persons? Which websites can I explore to get further information?
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