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This is where refugees and citizens of Schönaich can ask each other questions and help each other - in a very simple way  through Whatsapp. Simply provide us with your mobile number and preferred language and you can join the discussion. 

Start to learn languages together - in a language tandem!

Learning more together! A language tandem is one of the best ways to learn and deepen the knowledge of a foreign language, because two native speakers of different languages can interact directly with one another and help each other. If you are looking for a partner for a language tandem, you are in the right place. Simply specify your mobile number, mother tongue and desired tandem language, and we try to find a suitable language tandem for you. 

Find answers in our collection of frequently asked questions!   

We have collected questions and answers that many of you are interested in. Please send us further suggestions, if there are additional topics that we could include. 
Can I do an internship?
In general it is a great that you want to get to know the German job market! However, you have to pay attention to a couple of things: In order to be able to do an internship, you need permission from the "Ausländerbehörde" - except for a compulsory internship, or an internship that is part of an apprenticeship. Moreover, internships that serve the purpose of career orientation aren't affected by this rule. However, don't be discouraged! It is best to register directly with the "Arbeitsagentur in Böblingen"! They have  a special team for refugees that know the possibilities and all bureaucratic details - Register there and let them give you some advice. Here you can also find the most important information about the topic. 

How can I start a language tandem (two people teach each other a language) ?
You only have to register here and we will try to find a suitable language tandem partner for you. 

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