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Arbeitskreis Flüchtlinge Schönaich - Task force refugees in Schönaich
The "Arbeitskreis Flüchtlinge Schönaich" is organized by Schönaich's churches. Citizens of Schönaich are working for refugees in Schönaich - if you are a refugee in Schönaich, you probably got to know the team already. 
Here you will find all contact details

Rathaus Schönaich - Townhall Schönaich
The townhall in Schönaich is your primary starting point in Schönaich. Schönaich's homepage, however, doesn't only provide important information about authorities, but also about living in Schönaich.

Landratsamt Böblingen - District administration
Here you can find all important information on the "Amt für Migration und Flüchtlinge". Moreover the district administration is offering answers to frequently asked questions and is coordinating language courses in the region - continue reading here.

Agentur für Arbeit Böblingen - Employment agency
The "Agentur für Arbeit" in Böblingen is offering special assistance for refugees who want to work in Germany. Find more information and get advice!

Jobcenter Böblingen

The Jobcenter in Böblingen is responsible for Schönaich. This is where you can find help getting into the German labor market.

Flüchtlingsrat Baden-Württemberg - Refugee council
The refugee council is committed to refugees and their rights, and has gathered many useful contacts and information on their website

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