Integration takes place in our daily life together. In order to make this coexistence for refugees in Schönaich as interactive as possible we created this platform. We bring refugees and citizens together !
You are a refugee in the municipality of Schönaich and want to inform yourself,
get to know new people and make friends?

You've come to the right place!
Here you will find a lot of information on regional and more general topics. You can also exchange and get in contact with other refugees and local citizens - for example to start a Language tandem. 

Start exploring! 

You are a citizen of the municipality of Schönaich and want to support refugees?

You've come to the right place, too!
Here you have the opportunity to directly get in touch with refugees or to submit your ideas and offers so that refugees can participate. Thank you for your commitment!

What our users say

Willkommen in Schönaich has opened the door to my current band and my language tandem - I can only recommend it to everyone”
"Through Willkommen in Schönaich I have found a way of contributing to society and I am now a language teacher for refugees in Schönaich"
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