Provision of medical care in Schönaich

Whom can I contact?

In Schönaich, there are many doctors who can help you with most diseases. The initial point of contact is normally a general practitioner. Below you will find a summary of the most important contacts. If you are looking for other doctors with special language skills, additional information is available here. Moreover, more general information about medical care for refugees in Germany is available here

What about emergency situations?

Is there an emergency where immediate help is needed? Call 112 to reach the rescue service.
But be careful: Please only call the rescue service, if it really is an emergency!  If you call an emergency doctor even though it is no urgent emergency, it will be very expensive and you will have to bear the high costs! More information on emergencies is available here.

Doctors nearby

General practitioner

Helps with almost all diseases and is usually the first doctor you should go to - for example with headaches, abdominal pain or general questions about your health.
General practitioners nearby


Helps with special or long-lasting illnesses - for example with knee problmes or chronic back pain. Normally your general practitioner sends you to a specialist if needed. 

Specialists nearby


Helps with toothache and all sorts of oral diseases. Should, however, be visited regularly in order to recognize problems early in time.  
Dentists nearby


Here medicines and medical devices can be purchased. Most of the time, the doctor tells you exactly what you have to get at the pharmacy. 
Pharmacies nearby

Trauma therapy

Here you will find contact information and help for processing and dealing with a trauma

Trauma therapy nearby


Here you will find information on emergency situations and some examples of when you should call an ambulance.

Further information

Information in different languages: Here you will find a detailed health guide for asylum seekers in Germany. it is available in German, English, Arabic, Pashto, Kurdish-Kurmanci, Dari and Farsi.

Health-guide for asylum seekers
On the subject of insurance: If you aren't sure whether you are insured, and who you could contact to find out more, this video might be helpful.

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