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"Mediothek" in the "Bürgerhaus"

The "Mediothek" in the "Bürgerhaus" Schönaich offers a wide range of books and magazines, but also comics and movies that you can lend out or read/watch on site. 
How about exploring yourself?

Begegnungscafé Schönaich

At the "Begegnungscafé" in the "Bürgerhaus" all those living in Schönaich meet up that want to enjoy a tea or coffee together in the afternoon.  Just come over and join them!

The "Begegnungscafé" is organized by the Arbeitskreis Flüchtlinge Schönaich and happens every Wednesday between 4-7 pm in the "Bürgerhaus". For further information contact the "Arbeitskreis" directly: AKFS.

"Kleiderstube für Jedermann"

At the "Kleiderstube für Jedermann" you can meet up and buy clothes at affordable prices.
The "Kleiderstube" is open on Thursdays every two weeks and is located in the lower floor of the "Bürgerhaus"

The exact times are always published in the "Mitteilungsblatt der Gemeinde Schönaich", which is distributed for free to all households of Schönaich

 In the surroundings of Schönaich

The area around Schönaich has a lot to offer!
How about a trip to Böblingen or Stuttgart?
Find out more about traveling in Germany. 

Here you can find an overview of the cultural offers in Böblingen and Stuttgart

Museum Ritter

In the museum Ritter in Waldenbuch there is not only art to admire, but also lots of chocolate... 
If you want to find out why this is the case, check out the museum's  Website!
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