Self-study German

Learning German on your own

Goethe Institut
A very good starting point to learn German is the Goethe Institut. Their website offers many free language courses, self-learning courses, speech exercises and videos. However, you can also find a lot of information on how to deal with authorities, for example in everyday life or when looking for a job. Go to Website
What kind of Apps does the Goethe Institut offer?
  • German course for self study
  • Detailed information on asylum procedures, work, education and life in Germany
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Deutschtrainer A1
  • Exercise material for vocabulary and important grammar structures for beginners
  • 10 chapters with short audio-dialogues on topics of everyday life
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Die Stadt der Wörter
What further online-offers does the Goethe Institut provide?
Language guide "Willkommen" 
Contains basic sentences and dialogues and the corresponding Arabic translation - facilitates initial language orientation in Germany

German for you: "Deutsch für Dich"
Here you can learn vocabulary and grammar in the community - you can exchange with other learners and receive further new tips from them
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My journey to Germany: "Mein Weg nach Deutschland"
Here you can find useful videos and language exercises as well as practical information about life in Germany
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First steps in German: "Erste Schritte auf Deutsch"
Self-study program on a learning platform of the Goethe Institut with various exercises on subjects such as health, good and directions
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German at the workplace: "Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz"
Various interviews and videos that can help you to learn more about the German workplace
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Deutsche Welle
The German international broadcasting service "Deutsche Welle" offers a very good and extensive website. The category "Deutsch lernen" provides many courses and materials, including MP3s and videos. Moreover detailed information on regional studies is available.
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  • The German courses are here
  • Training with audio-formats are available here
  • Slowly spoken news are accessible here
  • You can reach the Youtube channel of "Deutsche Welle" here, it offers videos that can help you learn German

Deutscher Volkshochschulverband
The German Adult Education Association also offers various options to learn German
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Particularly recommendable is the project "Ich will Deutsch lernen", an online-portal with free language courses. You have to register once at the beginning and can start thereafter.

They also have an App: "Einstieg Deutsch" is available for free and can be used offline
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Literacy self-study videos
This offer is aimed specifically at refugees who speak Arabic. No prior knowledge is necessary. The videos are also suitable for people who are learning to read and write for the first time since translations and explanations are presented in spoken Arabic and sentences are translated and spelled word by word. In addition, there are tips on learning strategies and practice templates available for download for free download. The videos can be viewed on Youtube. But it is also possible to download all videos and practice material at once which can allow you to work on it offline.

Vokabel-Trainings-App Phase 6
Phase 6 offers free vocabulary training apps especially for children without prior knowledge in German. A customized version for adults is also available.

Language app and online-platform available for free.
To save your progress you'll need a profile and registration.
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#germanforrefugees - busuu 
Online language courses free of charge for refugees. So far only available on Android-phones.
  • busuu: All German and English courses are free of charge for Arabic users. In order to get a free Login follow the next steps:
  • 1. Download App
    2. In "Einstellungen" choose "Gutscheincodes" 
    3. Gutscheincodes: Type in “Germanforrefugees” or"ألماني" (Only works with Arabic phone settings)
    Go to download

#germanforrefugees - ICOON
Picture dictionary for refugees, for free. So far only available on Android-phones.
    • ICOON for refugees App: 1000 important symbols and pictures out of the picture dictionary ICOON. In addition there is a flyer and a German-learning-aid-poster to dowload for free.
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    This is something very different from what you have seen before: This website allows you to learn a language with the help of music videos. Quite useful in order to improve your listening comprehension, and a nice change to the normal formats.
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    Additional links and helpful websites
    • Free-German-Lessons: Videos and language courses of a German teacher. You have to register once, but then it is available for free. Go to Website or to Youtube Channel
    • Podcast Deutsche Grammatik: German Grammar explained in English. Go to Blog
    • News-In-Germany: Here you can practice reading and comprehension with the help of news and short texts. Vocabulary is indicated. Go to Website
    • Deutsch für Euch: A German student explains the German language in English. A lot of episodes and videos, started 3 years ago. Go to YoutubeChannel 
    • Deutsch lernen für Araber: Hassan Ismail is from Egypt, he teaches German lessons for Arabic-speaking refugees Go to Youtube Playlist
    • Easy German: Journalists and students of a german language course are walking through a German city and interviewing people to various topics in German. Go to Youtube Channel
    • Asyl Wittelsbacherland: Website with a lot of helpful information and links about learning German. Go to Website
    • Deutschland für Anfänger: This Youtube Channel addresses Arabic-speaking people that are new in Germany. A German and a Syrian woman talk about laws and regulations, German traditions, codes of behavior and a lot of everyday topics. Always available in German an Arabic. Go to Youtube Channel
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