Rights and obligations

Asylum process

General rights and obligations of an applicant

What rights do I have?
  • The right to a properly implemented asylum process
  • The right to a personal hearing
  • The right to express wishes about the gender of the interpreter or decision-maker
  • Minority refugees, torture victims, trauma victims, victims of human trafficking, and persons with a gender-specific persecution also have the right to be heard by a special representative. These special representatives are decision-makers who have been specially trained for these serious special cases.
  • From the date of the application, you furthermore have the right to receive food and drinks as well as utility items, such as bed linen, hygiene articles, cutlery and clothing
What special obligations do I have as an applicant?
  • You are obliged to comply with German laws and regulations. The basis principle, which you can find here in different languages, has a very important meaning
  • You are obliged to apply in person at the federal office or at one of the external offices of the federal office of migration
  • You are obliged to go to meetings in person
  • You are obliged to cooperate: Truthful information about one's own identity, reasons for escaping your country, and threats and dangers that you are facing 
  • You are obliged to inform the authorities when changing residence, so that you can always be reached
  • All major changes, such as for example a pregnancy or serious illness should also be reported to the federal office
  • A breach of the obligation to cooperate may have a negative effect on the decision of the federal office
  • Asylum applicants have a residence permit during the application process. This gives them the freedom of staying in a limited area. If you want to leave this area temporarily, you have to ask for permission to do so.


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