TSV Turn- und Sportverein 1905 e.V.

Im Vogelsang 29
71101 Schönaich

Football, handball, athletics, chess, gymnastics, volleyball

You have been playing football for years? You want to try out something new and learn how to play volleyball? Or you are an enthusiastic chess player and you are looking for people to play with? The gymnastics and sports club (Turn- und Sportverein) has the largest offer of different sports in Schönaich. No matter which sport you are interested in - just drop by at the club's office or call Beate Rebmann and get more information! Below you can find the most important contact information.

On their Website you will also find information on the TSV's offer, training times, and information on further contact persons.

Email: tsv-schoenaich(@)

Fon: 07031 653530

Contact person: Beate Rebmann

Opening times club's office:

Mon.: 08:00-12:00; 14:00-18:30
Thu.: 08:00-12:00

Karate Dojo Schönaich e.V.

Bühlstraße 18
71101 Schönaich

Karate is about agility, speed and fitness... If you are interested in Japanese martial arts and you want to learn how to measure yourself in Karate in a fair competition with your opponents, the Karate training from "Karate Dojo" that takes place in the "Grund- und Förderschule Schönaich" is just the right thing for you.  If you are interested you should inform yourself via Email or phone when the next information-evening will take place and participate in the training for beginners!

Their Webseite provides all information on Karate in Schönaich.


    Fon: 07031 275329

    Contact person: Peter Kaul

    Courses for beginners:

    Children: Mon.: 17:30-18:15
    Adults: Thu.: 19:00-20:30

    Radsportclub Schönaich e.V.

    The area around Schönaich is perfect for pleasant cycling tours  - but also for professional cycling, as it is trained at the cycling club Schönaich. You want to follow the cyclists of the Tour de France? Then join the Cycling Club! As the training only takes place by appointment, you should call Timo Dreher and ask when and where it starts. .

    On their Website you can find further information about cycling in Schönaich. 

    Fon: 0175 1629621

    Contact person: Timo Dreher

    Training times:

    By appointment

    Tennisclub Schönaich e.V.

    Im Vogelsang 31
    71101 Schönaich

    Maybe you have played tennis before or you would like to learn it? Schönaich has a tennis club, with indoor and outdoor courts, that enables training both in winter and summer. There aren't only teams and training for adults, but also a special training for young people. If you are interested, just call Peter Schneiderhahn and ask how you could join. 

    For further information on tennis in Schönaich just visit their Website!

    Fon: 07031 260348

    Contact person: Peter Schneiderhahn

    Training times:

    By appointment

    Tischtennisfreunde 1956 e.V.

    Im Hasenbühl 7
    71101 Schönaich

    If you are fast and skillful, and if you like sports with balls and bats, table tennis is perfect for you.  In Schönaich youth training takes place twice a week in the community hall, but also adults are welcome. Just join a training and call Heinz Ulmer for further information.

    Visit their Website for further information!

    Fon: 07031 650928

    Contact person: Heinz Ulmer

    Training times:

    Tue.: 18:00-20:00
    Thu.: 18:00-20:00
    Thu.: 20:00-22:00

    LaufTreff Schönaich

    Running is fun and  keeps you fit - and all you need is a pair of running shoes! If you like to train in groups and you want to go running with others, then just drop by at the LaufTreff Schönaich. The running training always takes place outside and starts at different meeting points. If you are interested just call Norbert Weinmann.

    Fon: 07031 654293

    Contact person: Norbert Weinmann

    Training times and meeting points:

    Tue.: 19:00 - Meeting at the Stadium
    Sat.: 15:30 - Meeting at Roter Berg

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